ITN Productions



ITN Productions produces comprehensive news, entertainment, gaming, fashion and music content for online audiences. We work with many partners including, YouTube, Dailymotion, MSN, Virgin Media and AOL, connected television manufacturers, newspaper and magazine groups and over 25 other clients.

ITN-owned brands such as ITN News, The Showbiz 411, This Is Genius and GameOn are all highly popular, with nearly 300,000 fans, followers, and subscribers across social networks such as Faceboook, Twitter, and YouTube. On YouTube our content is viewed over 35 million times per month – and streamed live events were watched by over 1.5m users.


A wide range of ITN Productions content is available on mobile platforms. We also make and launch bespoke apps for our own and third-party content. The highly successful ITN Royal Wedding app was well reviewed and downloaded thousands of times.

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