ITN Consulting

ITN Consulting is a world-class consultancy specialising in media, new media and telecommunications, helping many of the world’s leading media businesses address major challenges such as new launches, re-launches and strategic responses to environmental change.

ITN Consulting is an integral part of ITN with access to the company’s 700-strong staff and infrastructure, allowing us to drive long-term engagements with our clients all the way through to managing services on their behalf. Our team combines media specialists in strategy consulting with a team of expert media productions and operations consultants. We also draw upon a network of Associate Principals including ex-Ministers, ex-CEOs and ex-Controllers.

With our partner, Venture Consulting, we have offices in London, Milan, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. We operate as a network which means that our consultants work on engagements globally. We work with all types of clients including new entrants, new media providers and national broadcasters. For more information, visit